Twenty reasons to live in Trentino-Alto Adige

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20 reasons to live in Trentino-Alto Adige

1- You get to spend your free time at Garda lake
aka. heaven on earth


2- And cycle through the Adige Valley


3- Live on the winning side
Munich-Trento (233 km) < Trento-Rome (476 km)


4- The…


5- FreeLuna WiFi


6- 360° Mountains

Alps, dolomites, green, brown, white..


7- Not only in altitude, you can get high


8- Be one in a million

As the population of Trentino-Alto Adige is 1.017.000, you will be (after some data-filtering) one in a million..


9- And the rest million are happy,

10- staging festivals


11- and cool after school

12- Funny graduation ceremonies

2 universities teaching in 3 languages

وفيه مدرسة عربية بالجامع


13- When people hear where you live, you be like: no idiots, it’s not Toronto.. Trrrento..

14- And as in Canada, you can ski and enjoy the snow


15- Despite the snow, the economy is warm and the government supports Startups

16- Its historical castles are worth the climb


17- and old buildings downstairs for the lazies


18- This cute bear

19- Enjoy the after dump!

20- ??!!!?X#??

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